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Personal documents

Translation of personal documents demands great responsibility, as far as here we need to write proper names and dates correctly.

Medical translation

Medical translation includes specialized medical publications and texts of personal character, the content of which is immediately connected with human's health.

Technical translation

This is a translation used for exchanging special scientific-technical information among people speaking different languages.

Legal translation

Legal translation is a difficult and very responsible process, the translator has to stick to the original text accurately.

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    • Анна Лату ITC review
      I want to speak about the work Mariam and her team do. I have been working in this field for more than two years. I want to express my gratitude to Mariam for cooperation. Translations are always done on time and with high quality. It's a pleasure to work with professionals. Thank you for your not easy work.
      Anna Latu
    • Чушина Ольга ITC review
      I am considered to be the permanent client of ITC company. Translations are done on time and at pleasant prices. I order translations from and into different languages, mostly from Armenian. You can always find common language and make arrangements here, the employees of the company are kind and polite.
      Chushina Olga
    • Меликян Вардуи ITC
      I've turned to ITC many times. In the frameworks of my job I need translations from and into different languages. I am delighted with the result of services very much. Prices are significantly lower, than the medium market price. I hope we'll have productive further work with the company.
      Varduhi Melikyan
    • Джусубаева Раушан about ITC
      Respectable Mariam, let me express gratitude in the name of our personnel for trusting us and for agreeing to cooperate with our company. We highly appreciate our partnership and mutual agreement. We want to distinguish the high level of your professionalism and express our gratitude for the efficiency in translating our documents, for the high quality of translated material. We wish you success in further work, economical stability and realization of purposes.
      Raushan Dzhusubaeva