1From what languages do you translate?
We do translations from all the languages of the world, including the rarest languages. Our translators are native speakers. Our personnel is tested with the corresponding education level and enough experience. Our centre guarantees the translation quality (the quantity of our clients and the amount of our monthly orders speak about that).
2What about the pricing policy of our centre?
We have a wide range of professional services for our corporate and private clients. If You work with our company for more than half a year, then we give You a discount for every order. The price of volumetric works depends on the language and implementation deadline, but here also we have a discount system.
3How does International Translation Center count the amount of written translation?
The amount of translation text is estimated in translation pages. One translation page is equal to 1800 characters with spaces. Different ways of counting the characters in the text can be implemented by different programs. All the text redactors (Word, OpenOffice, etc.) have it. We can tell the final translation price to you beforehand.
4How can we pay for the translation in your centre?
We can work by noncash transfer to the account, by banking card online, in the bank by cash, by electronic payment systems. We get the payment in rubles, dollars and euro.
5Do we need to make a prepayment for the order formulation?
We work both by prepayment and post-payment. We work by prepayment with the new clients, but if we conclude a service contract with you (by which we work with our permanent clients), then we can conform the means of payment with the Client and mention it in the contract.